Statements by Prime Minister Viorica Dancila at the start of the Cabinet meeting

21 August

Good afternoon.

I had yesterday, in Brussels, a meeting with the president-elect of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, during which we had a very good discussion about the future of the European project. We discussed the challenges that the European Union has to face, challenges related to migration, climate changes, defence policy, the foreign policy so that Europe finds the solutions awaited by its citizens. The President of the European Commission wanted to know Romania’s opinion on these aspects, in relation to which she initiated a consultation with the Heads of government of the Member States.

As regards the future European Commissioner from Romania, we discussed the fact that Transports, Energy or the Environment are fields of interest for our country in connection with the portfolio to be assigned in the future European Commission. I underlined the fact that Romania is a committed country and it is important for us to get one of these portfolios. An extra argument is that Romania achieved remarkable results in the exercise of the presidency of the EU Council, and it demonstrated that it can manage very well dossiers of European interest.

I rejoiced at the words of appreciation that the president-elect of the European Commission had for Romania and I thank once again all those who contributed to the results of our mandate. For Romania, the European Commission was and is a key partner and a vital pillar in the institutional architecture of the European Union. I am confident that our relationship with the future European Commission will be a solid one.

The good news continues to come from the economic field. The figures recently published by the National Institute of Statistics and Eurostat show that the Romanian economy is showing an evolution above expectations. In the first quarter of this year, our country registered an increase in the Gross Domestic Product by 4.8 percent, in seasonally adjusted series, compared to the same period of last year. Thus, Romania has achieved the second-largest economic growth in the European Union.

 In fact, the second quarter of 2019 is the fifth quarter in which we registered growth, over a percent from one quarter to another. That is the result of measures to support the business environment and to boost the investments we have taken through the government programme.

In the first six months of this year, foreign direct investments increased by 30 percent compared to the same period of last year. Also, since the beginning of the year to date, there have been more than 53,000 new jobs. Thus, there are currently over 6.4 million active jobs in the Romanian economy.

In today’s Cabinet meeting, we have taken another step to boost the private initiative through measures designed to reduce the time necessary to register a company at the Trade Register. In this respect, at the initiative of the Justice Ministry, we will endorse through Government Decision the necessary spending for the implementation of the investment project: „ Integrate Electronic System of the National Trade Register Office”.

Through this project, in a total amount of nearly 190 million lei, financed from European funds and the state budget, the National Trade Register Office will extend the digital services offered. Thus, a public portal of online interaction with customers will be set up, bringing important benefits for citizens and the business sector. I refer to decreasing the number of documents presented on paper, reducing the time of solving the requests submitted and online provision of services, smaller spending with multiplication and legalization of some documents, reducing the time spent at the counter and the trips to different institutions.

Other important project developed through European funds for which we endorse today the necessary spending in the total amount of over 45 million lei refers to the implementation of the national disability management system.

A national platform will be created to administrate the files of all adults and of children with disabilities or of those who are at their first assessment to get the impairment classification certificate. Through this system, the citizens will be able to convey online their demands to the institutions in charge without any need for them to be physically present at the aforementioned institutions’ premises. Moreover, a clear record of the files' situation of the adults with impairment, of the residential and non-residential centers, as well as of the personal assistants and carers of persons with disabilities, will be created.

At the same time, the institutions with responsibilities in this field will have faster access to the information at the level of the Social Assistance and Child Protection General Directorates to increase the quality of the social protection activity.

At the end of the Cabinet meeting, the Government Spokesman will detail the normative acts we will adopt in today’s meeting.

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