Statements by Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă at the start of the Cabinet meeting

27 August


Good afternoon.

I took note of the ALDE decision to abandon the government and I discussed the way forward with my colleagues in the Social Democratic Party. Together, we made the decision to continue to assume ruling, as Romania needs stability.

Responsible government means taking action and making decisions for the good of the majority, in no way escaping responsibility and playing political games in the hope of obtaining votes.

I also stated: Our tenure is not perfect, but it is certainly effective. We took very good economic measures, appreciated by both citizens and the business community. This is seen in the sustainable economic growth and the increase of the living standards of the population.

We cannot let this important economic advance recorded by Romania be jeopardized by political games.

I want to thank the ALDE colleagues who were members of this Cabinet and I also want to thank Ramona Manescu for having understood that the government responsibility is above any political interest.

As you already know, immediately after the Caracal tragedy, I requested an ample analysis of the legislation in order to rapidly make the necessary changes so that we rebuild citizens’ trust in institutions.

We identified a comprehensive package of measures that we have been gradually putting into practice, both to improve intervention in emergencies and to deter crime.

Today, we will approve a normative act that ensures a prompt response to citizens' emergencies by improving the way the location information associated with 112 calls is being taken over and managed.

Thus, we create the legal framework for rapid implementation of the AML system that will allow locating more accurately the 112 callers.

To better locate the person requesting help, it is necessary to identify the caller by associating the telephone number with the data of the one using the respective number.

At the same time, it is necessary to toughen the sanctions applied to those who abusively call 112. Such attitudes that generate unnecessary costs and, more seriously, endanger the lives of those who really need help, must be strongly deterred.

We will increase the value of fines that will be applied to persons who falsely alert emergency response crews. The maximum fine will be increased fivefold, from 1,000 to 5,000 lei.

Also in today's meeting, we will discuss in first reading several measures to deter crime and to protect the lives and safety of citizens.

Higher penalties must be enforced for serious and particularly serious crime: murder, rape, kidnapping, offences against the freedom and sexual integrity of minors.

We will increase the minimum sentence for first –degree murder to 20 years, and for rape, the penalties will be harsher and will be between 5-12 years. For the aggravated form of this crime, for example, if the victim is a minor, the punishment will be between 7 and 15 years.

We also establish harsher punishments for deprivation of liberty. The offence committed by kidnapping will be punished as aggravated form with imprisonment from 2 to 8 years.

If the deprivation of liberty results in the death of the victim, the punishment will be up to 18 years in prison.

Considering the increase of the limits of punishment, by applying the rules of the concurrence of offences, a life sentence can be enforced not only for first –degree murder.

As I said, there are measures necessary that we want to translate as quick as possible into legislation, to increase safety and deter serious crime against citizens.

This year, we allocated a historic budget to investments in healthcare, for the purchase of medical equipment so that the patients benefit from medical services in the best possible conditions.

Last week, the Health Minister verified the way in which funds were spent at Braila maternity ward which was equipped with new operating tables, after its refurbishment. Lately, the pediatric orthopaedic ward of the Children's Emergency Clinic Hospital "Grigore Alexandrescu", which was fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and furniture, was reopened.

Minister Pintea informed me that the purchase of 1170 incubators to equip all the sanitary units that have newborn care units, will be completed by September 15th. Subsequently, equipment deliveries to hospitals will begin.

But, recent events have shown that coercive measures are needed to make more accountable medical staff in hospitals, but also in medical offices.

Thus, today, we will adopt at the proposal of the Health Ministry, a Decision whereby we double the value of fines for health inspectors in the healthcare units for nonobservance of standards and criteria that are mandatory in the healthcare field. New sanctions are enforced for care granted by unauthorized medical staff or staff who does not hold certified knowledge and abilities.

The Romanian Government grants this year too tax incentives to pupils who obtained the general average mark 10 in the national exams.

We support young people who achieve school performance and we will grant financial incentives of 1,000 lei to each eighth-grader who obtained the average mark 10 at the National Assessment, respectively 3,000 lei for each high school graduate who obtained the average 10 at the Baccalaureate.

This year, 459 eighth-grade graduates will benefit from these rewards, and 235 12th-grade graduates respectively.

I am glad that the number of graduates this year who have obtained the average 10 is higher than last year. I congratulate them and wish them greater success further on!

Today, we adopt several normative acts for the organization and functioning in optimum conditions of this autumn's presidential elections. Through three Government decisions, we are establishing the schedule, allocating the funds and establishing the necessary measures to prepare the electoral process and the ballot organisation.

The Government meets its responsibilities so that the deadlines stipulated by the electoral legislation be observed, the election to ensure the access to vote of all citizens and the results accurately reflect the choices of the voters.

At the end of the Cabinet meeting, the Government Spokesman will detail the normative acts we adopt on today’s Cabinet meeting.

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