Statements by Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă at the start of the Cabinet meeting

02 October

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Good afternoon.

The text of the censure motion filed by the Opposition will be read today in the Parliament, and according to the schedule established by the reunited Standing Bureaus, the debates and vote will take place on Saturday.

I noticed the incomprehensible attitude of the Opposition that shirks from the obligation to come to work in the weekend. In other words, the Opposition wants to take office at any cost, but not in the weekend. The attitude of the Opposition is offensive for the Romanians who work including Saturdays and Sundays and it shows lack of seriousness on the part of the signatories of this censure motion.

I tell the Opposition leaders that the term of governmental office is being exercised 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and people invested us with confidence to work, not to go on vacation or play political games.

I believe this political situation needs to be clarified quickly, which is why I invite all MPs of good faith to come to Parliament on Saturday to put an end to this period of uncertainty.

As I said before, this motion has no chance of passing, and the Government will continue its work.

We continue to work at the same sustained pace in order to implement investment projects. The Development and Investment Fund made available to local communities enjoys large appreciation. So far, almost 3,600 projects have been submitted in the fields of transport, water and sewerage infrastructure, gas networks building and extension or construction of schools and kindergartens.

After having approved 116 projects in the first stage, now, we reached 500 investment approved, whose value exceeds 6 billion lei. The funding contracts are to be signed so that these investments kick off over the next period.

The National Commission for Strategy and Prognosis will continue to conduct the analysis, following that other submitted projects will be approved up to the level of the contracting ceiling of 10 billion lei for this year.

Proper management of emergencies is a priority for the Government. We keep our word on what we have promised, so as to ensure a prompt and effective response to emergencies, to increase the safety climate and to intervene quickly to rescue people in critical situations.

Today, we have on the meeting agenda the approval of the financing of an investment of over 231 million lei, for the modernization of the infrastructure that ensures the interoperability of the institutions with responsibilities in managing emergency situations.

The financing contract was signed in August by the Ministry of European Funds and the Special Telecommunications Service.

By adopting this Government Decision, we make another step towards this project implementation which implies the whole replacement of the current interoperability structure which was developed 19 years ago, with a new one, adjusted to the latest technology.

It is an important investment, the largest part of which, 197 million lei, represent nonrefundable external funds related to the financial framework 2014 -2020 and a continuation of the action financed from European funds too, aimed at upgrading the 112 Emergency Service.

We also continue to allocate money to achieve large infrastructure works which are so necessary and awaited by all Romanians.

We will approve in this meeting, an important amount – over 5.7 million lei – for the award of damages for properties situated on the site 2 of the major work: Bucharest-Brașov highway and the Bucharest beltway – Domnesti overground passage.

We are in the third consecutive year with very good agricultural results. Significant wheat, barley and sunflower crops were obtained this year too, although Romania was marked by extreme weather phenomena.

Granting timely subsidies and the government support measures for this sector have played an essential role in obtaining the agricultural crops that placed us among the first in the European Union.

Since PSD took office, the Romanian farmers benefited from subsidies worth nearly 10.2 billion euros, 8.9 billion euros of which, from European funds.

We continue in this direction and on today's meeting, we will take two more decisions in support of farmers. We will approve the amount of direct payments from the vegetal and livestock sector, subsidies that will be paid to farmers starting October 16, to support them during the fall season planting.

We are ready to pay farmers 1.4 billion euros in advance until early December.

Also, livestock farmers will benefit from aid.

Today, we approve direct payments in the amount of over 64 million euros for sheep and goat breeds.

At the same time, we are completing the state aid scheme for reducing the excise duty on diesel, so that institutes, whose activity includes testing and registration of varieties, also benefit from lower costs of agricultural works.

We provide the necessary financing by increasing the budgetary funds allocated this year for the diesel subsidy, from 580 million lei to over 595 million lei, so as to increase the number of beneficiaries.

Minister Daea, I congratulate you on your efforts and the results achieved so far.

The protection of the citizens’ rights represented a priority for the Government throughout the entire Brexit process.

In our negotiations, we wanted to make sure that the rights of the Romanian citizens living in the United Kingdom shall be fully observed.

We have already received assurances in this respect from the British Government and we further pay special attention to the way these commitments are implemented.

We will discuss today in first reading a set of urgent measures to ensure the continuity of the rights acquired by the British citizens as EU citizens, who exercised their right to free movement, especially the right to reside, work or study in Romania.

There are measures concerning the right of residence, access to the labour market, education, recognition of professional qualifications, social security rights, settlement of medical services.

The provisions of this project refer strictly to the scenario of a no-deal withdrawal of the United Kingdom.

These rights are guaranteed, observing the principle of reciprocity regarding the treatment of Romanian citizens by the United Kingdom.

The UK government has already started the registration process that will allow Romanian citizens in the UK to continue to benefit from the rights they have acquired, regardless of the outcome of the Brexit process, by obtaining a new status.

The Emergency Ordinance that we are discussing today regulates the situation of the Romanian citizens who exercised their right to free movement, on the British soil during the UK’s membership of the European Union.

In this way, the normative act will ensure the protection of the most vulnerable of the Romanian citizens: the persons undergoing medical treatment at the date of the UK’s withdrawal.

They will continue to benefit from medical insurance coverage for a period enough to complete the present treatment. Similarly, British citizens in Romania will be able to benefit from the coverage of the medical treatments in progress at the date of withdrawal.

The Ordinance also includes special provisions regarding the Romanian citizens who, on the withdrawal date, benefited from the right of residence in the United Kingdom, and decide to return to Romania. Thus, the document regulates their access to different categories of social services, as well as the recognition in Romania of their studies, professional qualifications and the exercise of professions regulated in the United Kingdom.

Through these measures, we observe our public and international commitments to ensuring the protection of the citizens’ rights, both of Romanians in the United Kingdom, and the British citizens in Romania, irrespective of the outcome of the Brexit process.

 At the end of the Government meeting, the Government Spokesman will detail the documents adopted in the meeting.

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