Statements by Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă at the start of the Cabinet meeting

04 Nov

Good afternoon.

Today, the vote on the Cabinet proposed by President Iohannis takes place in the plenum of Parliament.

I saw Mr Orban’s statement that defies not only the citizens of this country but also the principles of competence and integrity invoked by Mr Orban when he criticized the current Cabinet!

We can see how the Cabinet proposed by Mr Iohannis and Mr Orban starts off on the wrong foot.

We are ahead of a premiere, in the negative sense, through the fact that the Parliament is requested the investiture vote for a team with no less than three ministers -designate who were rejected by the specialty committees. Even if the rulebook of joint activities of the Chamber of Deputies and Senate mentions that the motivated opinion from these committees is consultative, it's a matter of assumed responsibility regarding the potential of the ministers -designate to manage the portfolio they aspire to.

 I have full confidence in the specialty committees and I believe the failure to get a positive opinion for the three ministers proposed for important portfolios - Finance, Labor, Regional Development - should have made Mr Orban think and come up with other proposals.

But no. After they presented an improvised programme for government, with no connection to Romanians' priorities, Klaus Iohannis and the PNL insist to install in Victoria Palace this improvised team!

 Any political argument brought by these gentlemen to deny the obvious is only another proof of the amateurishness by which they intend to govern Romania.

We wait for the vote of our colleague MPs with the trust that they will place the country and the Romanians' fate first.

Irrespective of the political controversies and the electoral period, the Government has worked and prepared several measures for the benefit of Romanians.

We closely monitored the organization of the presidential ballot, so that we make sure that the citizens can exercise their right to vote.

All institutions involved in organizing the elections have fulfilled their tasks stipulated by electoral legislation, and the Foreign Affairs Ministry sent abroad the documentation necessary for the ballot.

Therefore, everything is on schedule, and in connection with the election preparation too, even if we do not have an appointed Minister of Internal Affairs.

At the same time, we make an important decision regarding the construction of the Regional Emergency Hospital in Craiova.

After we approved the technical-economic indicators for the Regional Emergency Hospital in Iasi, in May, and for the one in Cluj –Napoca, in September, today, we will make a similar decision for the Regional Emergency Hospital in Craiova.

The same like in Iasi and in Cluj, the Craiova Hospital will provide integrated medical services of the highest quality, safe for patients and will be endowed with high –performance equipment and machines and with a heliport.

We are talking about an investment estimated at 2.8 billion lei, an 807 – bed hospital, including a combined centre for mother and child and a centre for treatment of oncological patients.

At the Government level, we have been permanently preoccupied with completing each stage regarding the construction of the regional hospitals that Romanians need so much.

The Iasi hospital is in the most advanced stage. The application for European financing of this hospital was uploaded, and in parallel, we started the public procurement procedure for the design and drawing up of the technical project.

We also prepared the funding application for the Regional Emergency Hospital in Cluj – Napoca, so that it can be sent in the shortest time possible.

I have the satisfaction that in my tenure, we managed to prepare in detail the technical stage, practically the foundation for building the three regional hospitals of Iasi, Cluj – Napoca and Craiova.

I want to thank Minister Sorina Pintea and the Health Ministry team! They consistently acted for us to have today the documents ready as well as the funding solutions necessary to build the three regional hospitals.

The new Cabinet has everything prepared, and hopefully, our steps will be continues in order that citizens benefit from new hospitals in Iasi, Cluj – Napoca and Craiova.

We take another first step in the healthcare, by achieving a very awaited and important project for people and which hopefully will be continued by the next Cabinet.

We approve the substantiation study to establish a blood, plasma and stem cell bank.

The objective is part of the National Healthcare Strategy 2014 – 2020, and the Action Plan for 2014 -2020, aimed at improving the healthcare services.

All blood transfusion centres of the Health Ministry’s network, public and private network maternity wards, transfusion centres in the public and private hospitals will benefit from the national bank for blood, plasma and stem cell, especially where there is urgent need for rare blood types, and all haematology and bone marrow transplant clinics in public and private hospitals will also count among beneficiaries.

This project will be achieved in a public-private partnership, in which the Ministry of Health, through the National Unifarm Company, will be beneficiary of the project, after the conclusion of the contract.

Improving the lives of Romanians has been the core objective of our government.

We have taken measures to increase pensions, all social rights and wages.

We have been preoccupied with increasing the minimum gross basic wage so that citizens be properly paid for their work.

If before PSD took office, namely before December 2016, the minimum gross salary stood at 1,250 lei, its level is substantially bigger at the close of our tenure.

On today’s meeting, we discuss in first reading the increase in the minimum salary, as of next year, to 2.262 lei, and to 2.620 lei monthly for employees with higher education and at least one-year length in service in the area of their studies.

It is a measure with strong social impact given that there are more than 1.4 million employees with a minimum salary at present.

We held consultations with the representatives of employers and trade unions on this draft law within the National Tripartite Council, and it was subjected to the close scrutiny of the Economic and Social Council.

As Prime Minister, I consider it a just and socially correct measure. I hold the belief that there are arguments for and a favourable economic context and I see no reason why the future Cabinet would not enforce the increase of the minimum salary as of next year.

We approve today a general mechanism for the management and financial control of the amounts granted to Romania through the Solidarity Fund of the European Union, to remove damage in case of natural disasters.

We thus give the green light for the use of more than 8 million euros that the European Commission earmarked for Romania in October, through the Solidarity Fund, for the repair of the public infrastructure affected by the summer 2018 floods.

At the same time, we provide the necessary legislative framework for the use of other grants that will be allocated in the future to Romania from the European Union Solidarity Fund, in order to come as quickly as possible to the support of the communities affected by natural disasters.

It is the result of the joint efforts of the Government and the local authorities, whom I thank on this occasion.

Through a decision, we provide financial aid of over 1 million lei, for people who are in critical situations.

Whether it is people whose homes have been destroyed or damaged by fire or people with serious health problems, or who go through extremely difficult situations, we want to help them.

We also allocate the money necessary for the proper functioning of some local communities, as well as for the continuation of investment projects carried out for the benefit of the citizens.

This aid will be granted to Aninoasa and Uricani localities in Hunedoara County, as well as to Vorona locality, in Botoșani County.

We made such decisions at the Government level to support local communities and disadvantaged individuals whenever people needed our support.

At the close of the Cabinet meeting, the Press Office will detail the normative acts that we will adopt during today's Cabinet meeting.

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