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Wednesday, 31 July

Press statements by Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă

Viorica Dăncilă: It is five days now since the terrible news of the happenings in Caracal has hit us. It is a shocking case, a tragedy that has shaken us all. We are human beings above all. We all have families, relatives we care about and want to know they are well and it is natural to be hurt by an image beyond description, and also of an inability on the part of those who should have acted responsibly, with care and maximum of attention for the safety and for the life of a child.

Unfortunately, we cannot turn back time, and words are not enough to encompass all pain of parents, family, of all those who think these girls could be their children.

We cannot turn back time, but we can look ahead - Romania must very quickly get over this crisis of the institutions in charge of the citizen's security, to mend what it is to be mended, to replace what it is to be replaced, to make them operate as soon as possible, the way they should have operated five days ago and unfortunately they failed to.

We must put together all the forces – state institutions, political forces, NGOs, Romanian nationals - to fight against crime, against all the deeds that endanger our safety and harm our fundamental rights.

We can move things. We can start the reforms. And this is what we are going to do.

I will make an updated summary of the measures taken in recent days in this case:

The leadership of all institutions involved in the process was sacked and there were sackings along all the chain of command. The Head of STS and the Minister of Internal Affairs also resigned.
I asked from the very first hours that the Internal Affairs Minister be present on-site and personally coordinate the investigation. All necessary resources were rallied for a thorough analysis.
I asked MAI (Ministry of Internal Affairs) for a minute - by - minute report of all events for the truth to be found, the case to be tackled in the CSAT meeting and urgent measures to be taken.
I asked a CSAT meeting to be convened as soon as possible. The analysis of the MAI report and decision –making regarding STS, in this case, was mandatory from the very beginning.

5. On, Saturday I decided on the setting up of an interinstitutional working group led by Mr. Raed Arafat, with powers of analysis and drawing up of a plan of urgent measures to streamline response times in critical situations at the level of the entire state apparatus. There were already meetings of the working group, following which a roadmap was drawn up, to be discussed for implementation.

6. I decided to request the Parliament to convene in an extraordinary session for the Executive to implement these measures by emergency ordinance.

7. I asked the Control Body of the Prime Minister to start a special inquiry into the way the police officers who took over the 112 calls, acted, and in a week's time, I will have a report. In case of a human error that has vitiated the process of saving the child, it is compulsory for the judicial bodies to act. The culprits must bear the full legal consequences.

All civil servants whose job responsibilities include the safety of the citizens, their rescue must understand that in cases like the one of Luiza and Alexandra, if you do not do everything to save the respective persons, you bear some of the blame for their death and you will be judged for it.

8. I nominated Mr. Mihai Fifor for interim Minister of Internal Affairs.

I mandated him to start a series of controls in all the county police inspectorates across the country. We demanded the initiation of an operation to restore public order, increase the number of police staff, reinstate the policeman of proximity, increase the permanent presence of police in public spaces;

9. I also requested a report on all the kidnapping cases that are currently in the police investigation. I pay maximum attention to this topic and I will order the allocation of all the necessary resources, in combined efforts, for the immediate resolution of these cases.

10. I requested the creation of the national sex offender registry and I ordered the continual monitoring of these offenders. We focus on the prevention of recidivism and therefore, we will focus on the continuous monitoring of these cases where there was a precedent.

There are ten immediate measures taken in less than five days. Other important measures will ensue in order to punish those who failed and to lay solid bases for a system reform to substantiate what starts these days: a merciless fight with any factor interfering or attempting to jeopardize the following principles: Law, Order, Safety.

In this regard, even today I asked the Minister of Internal Affairs to urgently promote the draft law on the search of missing persons, which is currently being approved by the Ministry.

And I will ask the Parliament to pass this draft law in an emergency procedure.

I also asked the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Mr. Raed Arafat to present a plan of measures regarding the merger of the dispatching units of the Police, SMURD, Firefighters, Ambulance.

I also ordered that the measures needed to enact the Sex Offender Register Law, be presented over the next days. That first entails a quick assessment of the necessary budgetary and logistic resources to register all offenders of this type.

We must keep the feet on the ground, take action where people need it, implement these measures even in the smallest police station in the farthest corner of the country. Let's have a top-down approach so that no citizen be ever let down by a state institution.

I discussed this case with all heads of branches of the Internal Affairs Ministry. I could see their desire to get involved and I requested them a set of organizational and legislative measures to prevent such situations. I asked the same thing from all entities that that can play an important role in removing dysfunctions.

The people’s revolt these days is justified. But Romanians must not be afraid. Our country does not belong to criminals, rapists, paedophiles, or human traffickers! I am a woman, a mother, I brought up a child, I know what cares means, I know how much it means to us to know our children and family in safety.

Therefore, I will personally get involved in this reform. I will supervise and coordinate all efforts to eradicate these phenomena. Without mercy, reserves, compromises or delays, I wage war against crime!

These problems are not of yesterday or today, they have been dragging on for years and we cannot speak of innocents. Those who were able to do something and failed to do it, are guilty.

So far, there was an exclusive focus on the fight against corruption, and the fight against crime stayed behind, on the second level.

We cannot accept this. The fight against corruption must go on, and yet we have to focus it from the showing off area and exclusive allocation of resources and attention to the prevention area, towards establishing some mechanisms to control and prevent this phenomenon.

The first thing we need to protect is life.

I call on the political class and everybody with responsibilities in this approach to get involved. This war against crime implies that all those who want safety to become a priority should join the Prime Minister in this step. It is not about being politicians, but simply human beings.

I call on NGOs in the field of combating domestic violence, human trafficking, abuses and in the field of minors protection to join us. I invite them to the Government to work together with the specialists in the Ministries to find the right solutions. Let's fix what's so profoundly wrong.

For me, as a woman and as a mother, what happened at Caracal shocked me. But I'm that woman and mother who has the levers needed to redress the situation.

Out of solidarity with all the Romanian women, with all the parents and with all those who think of the well-being of someone dear every day, I will do everything in my power for law and safety to prevail in Romania.

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