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Thursday, 08 August

Press statements by Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă, the Vice Prime Minister for the implementation of Romania’s strategic partnerships and interim Minister of Internal Affairs Mihai Fifor and the Secretary of State for the Information Technology Marian Murgulet

Viorica Dăncilă: It has been two weeks today since Alexandra's first call. The tragedy in Caracal showed us the image of unimaginable cruelty, making very clear to us that we must wage a real war against crime. It showed us that we must change laws, rules, people in positions of authority, attitudes.

I have not hesitated for a second to make the necessary changes in these two weeks and I will not hesitate from now on.

As you know, I sacked the entire leadership of the responsible institutions and, further on, all those who handled this case so badly. There are ongoing inquests into how these people acted.

Whoever does not understand their mission and cannot comply with it, leaves. Whoever mocks the institution they represent, leaves. And whoever has to bear the legal consequences for their mistakes, they will do so.

Each one will be penalized for any proven error, so that only those who do their job well, and for whom the interest of the citizen prevails, will remain.

There are many professionals and dedicated people in this system. Let's not lose confidence in them and the institutions they represent! Because the state institutions must remain strong. This is mandatory for any European state, for any consolidated democracy.

Ever since the first days, we set up an inter-ministerial working group regarding the 112 Emergency Call System, which has already drawn up a package of 14 measures that we will implement to make more efficient the response time in critical situations.

Simultaneously, we launched in public debate a draft law which brings essential changes to improve the search of the missing persons and the interventions to localize them.

We will launch within the next weeks the Government platform for order and safety, the central point of information and dialogue on aspects related to the observance of the law and Romanians' safety.

At the same time, the Ministry of Justice has initiated an analysis of the criminal legislation in the case of serious and very serious crimes and will put forward proposals for amending the law, including for toughening punishments.

As Prime Minister, I will issue the necessary emergency ordinances and I will notify in writing the presidents of the two Chambers of Parliament, to convene an extraordinary session of Parliament. These legislative amendments must be debated and implemented immediately! I assume this.

I promise you one thing: I said that I want drastic punishment for murderers, rapists and paedophiles. I will issue an emergency ordinance to establish life imprisonment, respectively to toughen penalties for such deeds.

I have zero tolerance for the lack of humanity and the disrespect for the citizen. I have zero tolerance for mistakes - from attitudes devoid of responsibility and professionalism, to procedural errors and non-compliance with the law.

I cannot accept that in my tenure, Romanians have fears for safety! We will reform this system, we will urgently correct everything that is wrong and we will implement the prevention mechanisms so that tragedies such as the one in Caracal don't ever happen again. Thank you

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