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Wednesday, 11 September

Press statements by Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă

Viorica Dăncilă: Good afternoon. In my capacity as Prime Minister, I decided to nominate ALDE representatives for the portfolios that remained vacant following the resignations at the end of August. I have all the appreciation for those ALDE members who understood that Romania needs stability and that Romania and Romanians are important, beyond the personal interest or the political stake, and decided to respect the people’s vote of 2016 and the programme for government that we assumed together. It is important to continue the government mandate, to provide stability, to mobilize to consolidate Romania’s image abroad, especially at this particular time when we must support our representative to the European Commission. Based on Romania’s and Romanians’ interest, we took the decision to nominate ALDE representatives for the three vacant portfolios.
Therefore, I will send to the President of Romania the following nominations: Mrs. Gratiela Gavrilescu for Minister of Environment and for Vice Prime Minister, Mr. Ion Cupă for Minister of Energy, and Mr. Stefan Băișanu for the Liaison with Parliament portfolio. Considering that on September 12, the interim term at the helm of the Internal Affairs Ministry expires, and we need to prepare first the presidential elections and to respond to current challenges, also taking into account that on September 18, the interim term at the helm of the Ministry of National Education expires, and the office of Vice Prime Minister on economic matters is vacant, I will send the following nominations to the President: Mr. Dan Chirilă for Minister of Internal Affairs, he currently serves as Secretary of State in the same Ministry, Mrs. Camelia Gavrila for Minister of Education, and Mr. Dan Matei for Vice Prime Minister. I hope that this time, Mr President Iohannis will act like a President of Romania and not like a candidate for this office, and will not block any initiative to bring back normality to Romania.
It is an important demarche, it is important to ensure stability, to show responsibility, and I believe that, beyond the political battle, the personal interests, Romania's and Romanians' interest should prevail. We must act so that the people be able to receive their salaries, pensioners receive their pensions, and we should encourage the projects that Romanians expect to see materialized. And I believe that, when it comes to the interest of Romania and Romanians, regardless of the position we occupy, we must act with very much responsibility. This afternoon, I will send the six nominations to Cotroceni Palace. Thank you.


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