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Wednesday, 06 Nov

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban participated in the inauguration of the production and maintenance capacity for the Piranha 5 8x8 armoured vehicle personnel carrier

Speech by Prime Minister Ludovic Orban at the inauguration of the production and maintenance capacity for the Piranha 5 8x8 armoured vehicle personnel carrier


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Dear Ambassadors,

Dear Ministers,

Dear MPs,

Dear representatives of the Romanian Army and employees of the General Dynamics and Bucharest Mechanical Plant

Dear guests,

I have not chosen accidentally this event as the first public event, other than those devoted to the investiture of my Cabinet colleagues. My presence here, alongside the Minister of Energy and Business Environment Virgil Daniel Popescu, and the National Defence Minister Ioan Nicolae Ciuca, is a signal that the Romanian Government observes its economic and security commitments.

The two Ministers are true professionals, with in-depth knowledge of the issues related to national security and Romania’s economic development needs, who will work alongside the entire Cabinet and the President to meet our country’s security objectives.

For our Government, deepening the Strategic Partnership with the United States of America, as a pillar of foreign and security policy, alongside the NATO and EU membership, represents a priority and a guiding thread.

In this context, we guarantee the continuation of the 2 percent of GDP allocation for defence, in line with the commitments assumed by Romania, in order to ensure the coherence of the acquisition of some deterrent and defence capabilities, as well as to achieve the Romanian Army’s endowment plan under the conditions of quality assurance, compatibility and interoperability with the other NATO and EU member states.

We will not deviate from the above measures, and we will pursue them with the utmost responsibility and meticulousness.

The Government I am leading wants to develop the national defence industry, encourage the production of companies with Romanian capital, depending on the national defence needs and the internal production capacity of NATO-level interoperable equipment.

At the same time, we want good cooperation between the national defence industry and the Ministry of National Defence, to streamline our country's participation in European defence programs, as well as to ensure a useful and necessary dialogue between the military equipment manufacturers and users.

Today, at the Bucharest Mechanical Plant, we are inaugurating the production and maintenance capacity for the Piranha 5 armoured personnel carrier, in other words, we are inaugurating an investment in both the Romanian economy and the security of Romania. Here will be manufactured, assembled and maintained these carriers that represent the culmination of a successful partnership between reputed companies in the international defence industry in the USA, Switzerland and Israel.

The association between General Dynamics and the Bucharest Mechanical Plant is an example of good practice in the Romanian Army endowment procedure, 80 percent of the amount spent on the purchase of Piranha 5 armoured personnel carrier returns to the Romanian economy, and bringing new technology in Romania offers us the opportunity of becoming military technology exporters as well. The Piranha 5 armoured personnel carrier is a state-of-the-art military product, and the Romanian military deserves the best.

As President Klaus Iohannis said yesterday, national security must be defended at any cost. This compels us, those who manage the destinies of Romania, to make wise, fast decisions that will produce favourable effects.

In a world where the security environment is deteriorating globally, only strategic partnerships, predictable policies and serious investments will allow us to be more prosperous and to live safely.

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