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Wednesday, 09 October

Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă attended the "Farmers Forum - stocktaking and prospects", an event held on the occasion of the National Day of Romanian Agri-Food Products

Speech by Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă at the "Farmers Forum - stocktaking and prospects", on the occasion of the National Day of Romanian Agri-Food Products


Dear farmers,

Dear colleagues,

Dear guests,


I am particularly glad to be today with you, at this event devoted to your performances that we have every reason to be proud of.

Agriculture plays a vital role in society. It contributes substantially to economic growth and offers jobs for a quarter of Romania's active population.

Your work ensures healthy food for Romanians and, at the same time, contributes to keeping an even trade balance.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The current Government fully understood the essential role of agriculture and the importance of developing the Romanian village. Since taking over the government, we have placed agriculture among our priorities and we have firmly supported this sector through all the available levers.

We have granted subsidies in due time, so that you, the farmers, can benefit from the support you need to get the best possible results.

Since PSD took office, the Romanian farmers benefited from funds of nearly 10.2 billion euros, 8.9 billion of which from European funds, an unprecedented fact so far.

Next week, we will start paying the subsidy for coupled support. We are ready to pay farmers up to 1.4 billion euros, under the form of advance, by the end of November.

Following the discussions with your representatives, we included in the programme for government and we implemented a set of measures to support farmers with a view to backing the Romanian products.

I also mentioned the programs for tomato growing, for rearing Bazna and Mangalita pig breeds, for sheep breeders through the Wool Programme, as well as the state aid scheme for beekeepers.

We have also invested over 335 million lei in the rehabilitation of the irrigation and anti-hail system, essential for the rural areas.

We have developed and expanded the program whereby the farmers benefit from the reduction of the excise duty on diesel so that both the fisheries sector and the research sector receive this aid.

We have provided and continue to provide state guarantees for farmers' loans, an important lever to support investments in the Romanian village.

We have met producers, but also consumers half way by reducing VAT from 9 percent to 5 percent for high-quality products. Thus, we encourage the production and marketing of traditional products, established recipe products and organic ones.

We have earmarked one billion euros to support the mountain area over the next 10 years, the specific legislation of this ambitious program having already been adopted. It is the safest way to support the processing of traditional products and their availability to the consumer.

Recent years have been particularly good for Romanian agriculture. And if we look towards the future, we are the only to guarantee that these benefits are kept, through the National Pact for Romanians’ Welfare, already signed by over 1 million people.

Dear farmers,

What we all see exhibited here, the products you brought, show that we are on the right track.

There are the results of your work and I am glad that for the third consecutive year, Romania has managed to have one of the best agricultural productions in Europe

It is encouraging that more and more young people take interest in the field of agriculture and confidently access the governmental programs, associate and capitalize on the Romanian traditional products in large retail networks.

We will continue to support the involvement of young generations and to attract even more young people to this area that provides satisfaction and safety to both entrepreneurs and population.


Dear Romanians,

We started a revitalization process of agricultural high –schools, to provide specialists for the future.

The Agriculture and Rural Development Ministry will make investments in 58 high –schools with an agricultural profile in order to prepare tomorrow’s farmers and to ensure highly qualified labour force.

Like in agriculture: we prepare the land and sow the seeds for the future.

The remarkable results in the agricultural field have motivated us to take reorganization measures for the research sector to be properly funded.

In less than 3 years, we have managed to contribute to the reorganization of 49 agricultural research stations and institutes given that in early 2017, only 3 research stations and institutes benefitted from this measure. In a short time, we will complete the process of reorganization from the administrative point of view too and for the last two institutes.

It is very important to protect the results of the research work in the agricultural field, to diminish dependence on imports and to ensure Romania’s food security.

For these reasons, we have recently decided on establishing a bank of vegetal genetic resources for the plant, flower farming, aromatic and medicinal plant sectors. This will be organized at Buzau, where there is the oldest vegetable pool in Romania and where about 10,000 varieties of seeds are being kept.

Let's capitalize on the fertile land of Romania by preserving the agricultural products and cultures with tradition here! We support the modernization of agriculture, but we also leave room for organic products, cultivated as we know from our parents and grandparents, and which are gaining more and more popularity. Our organic products are sought on the external market, and the traditional Romanian cuisine is appreciated not only home, but also abroad. What can be tastier than an authentic Romanian traditional recipe, prepared like at home, from exclusively Romanian ingredients?

Dear farmers,

The Romanian agriculture has tradition, potential, and the future secured as I can see in this room dedicated, diligent people, good Romanians loving the land, the people, the country.

I congratulate you on your work, on what you have been able to do with much effort!

You have a firm supporter in me! I have the belief that together we can restore to agriculture the pride and traditional value, and to bring prosperity to the Romanian village.

I assure you that I will continue to strongly support traditional and high-quality products, Romanian varieties and the measures designed to support vegetable growers and livestock breeders.

I will fight, as until now, for proper funding of agriculture.

I will promote on every occasion the Romanian village and its values, the community spirit and the national traditions!

Dear Farmers, I served as Vice-Chair of the European Parliament's Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development. I worked with many of you, took over some of your goals and transposed them into European legislation. Measures are required both at European and national level. European Commissioner Phil Hogan spoke about the common agricultural policy, a common agricultural policy in which the Romanian farmer, the Romanian agricultural worker, should find themselves, in which we should have more flexibility,  a simplification, a common agricultural policy in which to address the convergence of direct payments. For all these, the Government of Romania has to fight in Brussels, and here home, rest assured that the Prime Minister of Romania, the Government of Romania will stand by each farmer. We will promote the measures you envisage, because together we must show that Romanian agriculture deserves appreciation both nationally and at European level and - why not - in other third countries.

I would like to thank you and wish you success and congratulate you on what you have achieved so far!

 Răspundem cetăţenilor


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