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Thursday, 10 October

Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă participated in the debate of the motion of censure in the plenary session of the Parliament

Speech by Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă at the debate of the motion of censure in the plenary session of the Parliament


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Dear President of the Senate,

Dear Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies,

Dear leaders of the parliamentary groups,

Dear guests,

Dear colleagues,


Today, we have come again in Parliament for the vote on a new motion of censure.

I am looking in the hall and I see the same amateurish and irresponsible people. You haven't changed much since we were in the same context in which I, personally, thought you had learned something. I thought you understood that you cannot come in Parliament to bring down a Government with unfinished homework, that you cannot defy the Romanians again, that it is mandatory to come with a governmental team and a programme for government, if you wanted to rebuild Romania, as you so loftily say in the text of the censure motion. So far it is clear to us how you want to bring it down. It was clear for us how much you can do this when we all saw the effort and scandal you put in conceiving this text, but how are you going to rebuild, esteemed signatories of this motion of censure? Unfortunately, you haven't understood a thing. Let us see how we reached here nevertheless, who are the artisans of this situation of instability in which Romania was thrown so that you can profit from. First of all, this Cabinet was the constant target of the President of Romania, a dangerous precedent for any democracy, for the principle of the separation of powers, and independence of institutions, as we have a President who is first of all PNL’s candidate, before being head of state, he is the candidate of the main Opposition party who forgot his role in state and infringed the fundamental law of the country on several occasions. Dear Opposition colleagues, you enjoyed the President of Romania’s support and his full involvement in this aggressive campaign to destabilize the Government, you had in your favour, a virulent approach of the candidate Iohannis who mocked on the Constitution and the rights and interests of Romanians, the blind fight started by the most irresponsible president Romania has ever known, acting against his own people, a president who forgot about Romanians, and his country and who initiated a toxic campaign against the Government.

Secondly, we have Mr Tariceanu who also made his contribution to this doomed action, running from the government and sacrificing his party in an incredible game against the Romanians who voted for us in 2016. Despite all his experience, Mr Tariceanu fell shamefully into the trap of Victor Ponta and secured a lamentable sunset to his political career. It was nevertheless a predictable destiny as this happens to those who form an alliance with Victor Ponta, they are betrayed and sacrificed in the name of the personal interests of the Pro Romania’s leader, another shadow artisan of this attempt, the facebook resigning Prime Minister, master of lies and expert in zero-purpose backstage games. However, not even so, with the President -candidate on your side, and the alliance partner shamefully running from the government in Ponta's arms, you have failed and you will not be able to do anything good, for the simple reason that you have no plan for Romania.

You do not fight for a project, a vision or for the well-being of Romanians. You do not strive to do good to people, to make any form of progress in the daily life of everyone. You fight against the Social Democratic Party, you fight with each other, you fight with the interest of the country and the Romanians. You have allied with new people with zero political experience and zero government performance who cannot even manage their own party, and with experienced people who deserted from their government office, and with those who plunged Romanians into poverty during 2010-2012. This is a circumstantial alliance that today wants to bring the government down, a bunch of interests and amateurishness. How can you assume the reconstruction of Romania, when you do not know what to offer to Romanians tomorrow or over a week? What plan do you have? How will you do it? You play the very brave in the motion text, but then do come in front of Romanians and present your programme for government. Tell people what is your projection, your governmental team, your plan for the future of the country and the Romanians.

Dear Opposition representatives, your shallowness is shameful. It is embarrassing for anybody pretending to be an alternative to government, to present themselves in this manner in front of us, and of the entire country, and it is even more embarrassing as you do it for the second time this year. I guess it should not surprise us nevertheless. You are those who never learn from past mistakes. You do not have the political maturity and have no idea how to govern for Romanians. Although you increased the VAT to 24 percent, you cut all public system salaries by 25 percent, the minimum wage by 25 percent, and you taxed pensions while in office. Today, you come up and threaten people with the same thing and you are so unconscious to do all these things again and also so naive to believe that Romanians will endorse it. This means you do not know your country and people, that you fail to understand the needs of people and your mission. I read the text of this motion and I can say that it fully represents you. It resembles the group of its signatories: an incoherent mix of falsehood. It is a very weak piece of patchwork, with no figures, no accurate data, full of subjective appreciations and demagogy, which perfectly shows the character of improvisation and the lack of seriousness of this project. Again, dear colleagues, you played government. You are the only opposition in history that has succeeded in filing its motion and then running away from voting. You made a fool of yourself in front of your own voters when we invited you to vote on this act as soon as possible. If this step was not worth sacrificing a Saturday, good luck in explaining to people how you will govern and how you will rebuild Romania. Good luck to Mr Cîţu in explaining voters about future income cuts. He should look in the eyes of doctors, teachers, firemen and policemen to make them understand what a political failure they are, they should come up in front of young entrepreneurs and tell them that any measure designed to support them is an unimaginable waste of money, let Mr. Caramitru from USR, look in the eyes of retirees and tell them that increasing pensions throws the country into bankruptcy and they are not worthy of it, let Mr Orban come in front of IT employees, not the presidential candidate Iohannis, but Mr. Orban and let him tell them about his desire to tax the IT sector employees’ incomes. Mr Anastasiu should explain too to the state sector employees how hundreds of thousands of Romanians will remain jobless if you come to the office.

Is this the Opposition to the government party? Is this the vision of Romania with which you want to bring the government down? You cannot say that either we or the Romanians have not understood well, as we invited you to sign the Welfare Pact, in order to commit in writing that you will not cut people’s incomes ever again. But you all declined. None of the opposition parties dared to sign that commitment. Mr Ponta did not miss the opportunity to make headline by saying he will sign it. But it was a lie as usual. It did not surprise us. This should be debated here now, dear colleagues, this pact for the continuation of the increase of Romanians’ incomes, of the support measures for entrepreneurs and SMEs. This should be your concern if you want to take office. But, probably, you very well know that you, without cuts, you would not know or have the ability to function. You showed it once, in the sad times of PDL government, when you lost anyone’s confidence that you can form a competent Cabinet.

The differences between PSD Government and your Governments are many. You criticized anything to invalidate this government but your step will not be successful. We have a recent example, even from Mr Iohannis, the president –candidate or the anti- Constitution President who used the tragedy of Ialomita to attack the Social Democratic Party.

In an immoral, absurd attitude, devoid of any form of empathy or respect for the pain of some people, the PNL candidate found it appropriate to launch outrageous attacks on the Government. It is sad for all of us and for this country to have yet another candidate who tramples on people's misfortunes in order to win electoral points. We still have one, you know him very well, and unfortunately for the Romanians, your rhetoric started to bear striking resemblance to his rhetoric. These are the differences between us, esteemed representatives of the opposition. You are trampling on laws, principles, decency. You are trampling on the interests of Romania and Romanians. We govern for the country, and we did not it perfectly, but we have always done it better than you. Let us take a look at the figures. We increased the minimum wage from 1,250 lei in 2016 to 2,080, 2,350 lei respectively for Romanians with higher education. I know you do not agree with it, all you know is to cut incomes. The pension point rose from 871 lei in 2016 to 1265 lei. We reduced the income tax from 16 to 10 percent. We have a 1 percent tax for SMEs, 94 percent of the total 600,000 companies registered at the Trade Register and a tax of only 5 percent on dividends. There is no country in the EU with more friendly taxation for the business sector. You mentioned investments, but only in the first six months of the year, the overall investments in the economy increased by 12. 4 percent, the highest dynamic after the crisis, and direct foreign investments in our country exceeded 2.9 billion euros, being by 22 percent over those in the same period of the previous year, by 532 million euros higher. This Cabinet has created hundreds of thousands of new jobs over the last two years, we managed to increase the purchasing power of Romanians, and bring the pensions and wages to a decent level.

What did you do for Romanians? You tripled Romania’s public debt throughout 2009 -2011 from 13. 4 percent of GDP in 2008 to 34 percent of GDP in 2011, in 2016, the USR Ciolos Cabinet reduced the state revenues by 10 billion lei compared to 2015, at the same time with increasing public debt by 22 billion lei, same government in which the European funds absorption was zero. What does Romania look like today under the PSD government? We have the sixth smallest public debt in the EU, the biggest convergence speed in EU, of living standard approaching the European average, Romania's development potential is now double the EU’s average. We are the tenth country in the European Union as a contracting rate for European funds; employment is at the maximum of the last 17 years; we have the lowest unemployment rate in the last 30 years and a record number of employees in the last 20 years; during this government, and not your governments, the world leader of stock index classification decided that Romania acquires the emerging market status as attractive country for investors and states that this reclassification comes after the optimizations implemented by the Romanian authorities. It is our government and not yours that equipped all county hospitals with CT and MRI. We have increased the irrigable area of Romania from 300,000 hectares in 2016 to 1.8 million hectares at present. We have approved the PNDL 2 program through which 7,179 local projects worth over 30 billion RON kicked off, projects that you all see especially in rural areas, projects aimed at introducing water and sewerage networks, modernizing roads, repairing and modernizing schools; 441 projects from PNDL 2 have already been finalized, and the Romanians benefit from their results. It is our government that tripled the salaries of the doctors and increased the salaries of the teachers by 80 percent. We increased pensions and supported 1 million farmers. We adopted the "One family, one home" programme and the "Invest in yourself" programme, through which young people can benefit from interest-free loans. The current government and not your government achieved all these things and many others that you know very well, but you deliberately ignore with the hypocrisy that characterizes and is common to both of you. Dear colleagues, today’s motion will not pass. You attempted this in the past and you made a fool of yourself at the vote because not all MPs stand behind the so-called future prime minister, Mr Orban, known only by his counter-performance at the Ministry of Transport and his artistic skills. Not everyone finds themselves in your projection of austerity, of massive cuts in people’s incomes. Not all feel comfortable with your lack of vision and team. This is why the last censure motion did not pass, and neither will this, because good –faith people cannot cast a real vote of support on nothing. The arrogance you have shown so far, cost you once the shame of seeing your motion of censure rejected at voting. Today, you will experience again this shame because you have not learnt the lesson of responsibility. There are lawmakers who wil return after this vote in the communities they represent, and in front of whom, they will have to answer for. They will have to explain to mayors that their projects for people will not be implemented anymore. They will have to answer for the fact that they let you stop the National Local Development Programme, the investments initiated in communes, for allowing you to dismiss 400,000 state employees and to remove any support measures that we have implemented so far. They will have to explain why they let the „alliance of cuts” decide the fate of these communities, the destiny of Romanians. There are many MPs that have the responsibility of the vote and who very well understand that alongside you, there is no future, there is no progress and today, you will learn this poignant lesson. I tell you one more thing, dear colleagues: do not underestimate the Social Democratic Party! Don't believe we will ever stop, in power or in the Opposition, fighting against you, those who wish to divide Romania and see it poor again. And because I personally do not believe you truly want to govern this country, I urge you to imagine the scenario of elections next year with the PSD in opposition and you, the alliance of amateurs, in government. You were crushed before, you know how it is. Thus, esteemed colleagues, let the Government do its job and continue the measures and reforms started. Remain in the Opposition, where, thankfully, all your threats and ideas remain just words. In government, esteemed colleagues, you'd be a true disaster and a danger to this country and Romanians.


Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă’s remarks at the debate of the motion of censure in the plenary session of the Parliament

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Viorica Dancila: You display hatred from the position of someone who pursued her studies in Moscow and speaks accordingly. I will start with a piece of good news for Romanians who look at us and whom we want to show the results of true government. The National Institute of Statistics reconfirmed the 4.4 percent growth of the Romanian economy in the second quarter of this year. This says a lot, many do not understand because, when they were in office, they could not speak of economic growth. I will try to answer punctually as much as I can, as some of your statements, certain insolent remarks, labels, I think nobody liked them and we should not pay them attention. They showed the way each of us is, and how we see politics, the respect due to each other and how much respect each of us has for citizens in case of taking office.

Mrs Turcan, concerning the threat with criminal complaints that you referred to, I could never do it, because I would have the impression of agreeing with everything your party leader did: criminal complaint about high treason, for a strategic partnership. You could teach yourself lessons in this field, we hate this and we shall never do this. I think you speak from your own experience. Furthermore, I could see that both you and your colleagues have been speaking about the results of the elections for the European Parliament. Perhaps I could have agreed with you, if in 2016, when this party, the Social Democratic Party obtained a very high score at the parliamentary elections, Mr President Iohannis would have resigned because his party lost. I think it is time to learn that the elections for the European Parliament are for the election of MEPs, and have no connection with government or with the composition of the Romanian Parliament.

Mr Ponta, it is hard to answer you, but I can firmly state one thing: I shall never betray this party! I shall have the power to be more of a man than you, to stand dignified even when this party goes through a crisis. I will not file my resignation on Facebook and I will not resign from the prime minister's office without talking to party members! You did not understand one thing: maybe you lied to some of our colleagues as you lied to us each time and you managed to persuade them to follow you . I am convinced that you shall betray them, as you betrayed this party, as you betrayed us all, but the measure of your naivety and misogyny is known, therefore, no one is surprised.

Mr Barna, you said that the majority cannot be attained with six parties. I agree with you. What will Romanians do then? It is clear that we set off with the vote on a censure motion, but we see no finality.

You said you wanted early elections. Esteemed colleagues, you vote for the motion, you vote for early elections? Let me hear from you! Do you agree with early elections? I don't think so. And I'd like to see a proposal for early elections come here and Romanians should watch how many of you say 'yes' and vote for early elections. Let's be fair to the end because you wouldn't agree to this and you are for elections on time.

Mr Barna, perhaps you do not realize but through this game, through this vote, you are permanently subordinating yourself to Klaus Iohannis. I believe you should take this into account and hopefully, the coming period does not confirm this statement.

Mr Pascan, I think you are not entitled to speak about government or about a better life for Romanians. You are speaking about education, seeming ignoring how many schools you closed! You are speaking about healthcare, but did you forget how many hospitals you closed?

This is how despair looks like. I saw now a thing I want to refer to: this is how despair looks like! This is how people who are losing, behave. You lost, Mr Ponta! You lost people’s respect, and besides the vote on this motion, you will be less respected. You spoke about money that we allegedly gave, promises regarding Ministers. I made no promise and I would not allow myself buying people as not everyone is for sale as you insinuated. You sold yourself cheaply. Nobody from our team will sell himself.

Mr Pascan, you spoke about infrastructure – ask the two former Ministers of Transport, Traian Basescu and Ludovic Orban, how much they contributed to the infrastructure of this country? How many kilometres of highway did you build? It is very easy to finger-point but I think that you should first look in your yard.

Calin, perhaps I would agree with everything you said. Nevertheless, nothing and nobody can explain your refusal to fully assume a government that you were a member of, from the very beginning until the pre-campaign, and today, you want to shut down this government. Mr Tariceanu, this government is your government too. I am sorry you turned against us, but I think you turned more against yourself.

Dear colleagues, there are many things to say, but I am sure that the citizens summed up what we said. I am sure they judged each of us frankly and we will see the conclusions in the following period.

You talked a lot, dear colleagues, but for pointless, beside the topic, I still haven't heard how you want to govern this country and with whom. I thought you would talk about your vision, the team you will govern with.

I firmly believe that when you lose, the country and Romanians are winning. Responsible people cannot vote this motion today, this is why I believe this motion will not pass, for the sake of this country and of Romanians who believe in concrete things, not in hatred, insults, insolence and division. I repeat the motion will not pass and this Cabinet will govern for Romanians and Romania.

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