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Thursday, 05 September

Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă’s visit to Mioveni Hospital, medical facility built from governmental and local public administration funds

Statements by Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă and the Health Minister Sorina Pintea at the opening of the Mioveni Hospital


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Reporter: Mrs. Prime Minister, there is this suspicion that you came today here to inaugurate a hospital that does not have all operating authorizations and you are in the electoral campaign.

Viorica Dăncilă: Anything can be interpreted. So far, many people reproached us with failing to open any new hospital or make an investment in healthcare. Today, I have come to this hospital commissioning. I would like to congratulate Mr. Mayor and the local public administration for their involvement. It is a modern hospital, I have seen the medical equipment they endowed the hospital with. Therefore, investment has been made, and I think this is important. It is an investment in which the Romanian Government has participated. It is natural to attend this commissioning. I would not link everything to the election campaign. I have seen that there are persons who associate everything to the electoral campaign or their personal interest. For me, as Prime Minister, it is important that, hospitals are being built in Romania, that we have very good medical equipment, endowments that the Minister of Health will talk about, that whereas others were talking about closing hospitals, we are trying to e endow all hospitals in Romania with high-performance equipment and, at the same time, to build new ones. I think it's a positive approach.

Reporter: Mrs. Prime Minister, in 2016, PSD promised eight regional hospitals. Your party has been almost four years in power. Where are those eight regional hospitals?

Sorina Pintea: Allow me please to answer your question.

Viorica Dăncilă: Madam Minister will give you all technical details and I will make additions.

Sorina Pintea: I am glad that you asked this question as each time, I publicly presented the state of works, people reacted with disbelief. The hospital in Mioveni. The story dates back to seven years ago - conception, design, execution. The regional hospitals - their story began in October 2017, when the first land plot was transferred to the Ministry of Health. We are in 2019, we have three feasibility studies completed and designers and builders can tell you what it means to conduct a feasibility study for a 150,000 square meter building, with the associated logistics.

Reporter: How could these people build this hospital in less than four years?

Sorina Pintea: Seven years. The construction took four years and another three years the feasibility study and the design along with the auction procedures. I was trying to tell you that we completed the feasibility studies, they were submitted to the Ministry of Development and the Development Ministry prepares the financing requests for Brussels, we concomitantly started the tender procedure in Iasi. I believe that in seven years we will also have regional hospitals, just as we promised. We kicked it off and we advanced a lot in this respect because as aforementioned, their story began in 2017.

Reporter: This means that you have one more government mandate.

Sorina Pintea: It is obvious that we will have one more government mandate, but I can tell you that health has no political colour and this Government has shown this. And I can give you countless examples in this respect.

Reporter: What do you think about this hospital here, in Mioveni?

Sorina Pintea: I visited it with the Prime Minister and the Mayor and the hospital staff. I can tell you that it complies with all the orders that the Ministry of Health issued regarding the functioning of the hospitals and on every floor, I was reminded of this and it is indeed so. It is endowed with the necessary equipment to provide the medical services needed in the area and I tell you very frankly what pleased me the most: there was a doctor in the angiography room who told me that this hospital is ready to do thrombolysis and maybe even thrombectomy - these are procedures that are performed in acute stroke, program started on January 1, 2019. And as far as investment is concerned...

Reporter: Do you want to add something, Mrs. Prime Minister?

Viorica Dăncilă: You mentioned the continuation of the Government’s involvement in building hospitals, regional hospitals. I think the approach should be changed in Romania and what a good Government started, must be continued because this approach according to which what other government started, must be stopped as it was the work of other government, is not a constructive one for this country and I hope everyone will pay it the due attention. We will get involved in the period ahead to attain the objectives we set ourselves in terms of the healthcare programme.

Reporter: Madam Prime Minister, this evening, President Iohannis will make a press statement. Have you had any discussion with him about the interim Ministers?

Viorica Dăncilă: No, I have not discussed with Mr. President Iohannis lately – I told you about our last discussion. I saw Mr. President’s reaction. I am waiting for Mr. President to come up with a decision to show that he wants a normal Romania, a Romania in which the Government is also functioning as it should be.

Reporter: Did you submit the referral to the Constitutional Court of Romania?

Reporter: Will you file a criminal complaint, Mrs. Prime Minister?

Reporter: If he appoints the interim Ministers, will you notify the Constitutional Court?

Viorica Dăncilă: I notified the Constitutional Court. If he comes up with the proposal for the interim Ministers, a part of the referral will no longer have an object, although we mentioned in the referral the five nominations for PSD Ministers because we still have no motivation for rejection.

Reporter: And what are you complaining about here?

Viorica Dăncilă: I think we should see this referral to the Constitutional Court as an instrument to have some rules in the future, to establish some rules, because I think that, beyond the political struggle, there is no need and it is not opportune to block the activity of the Government, given that there are projects that we carry out for the citizens.

Reporter: What does this blockage mean? Can't you pay invoices or salaries /.../?

Viorica Dăncilă: I will give you one example: we had to have a Cabinet meeting. Before attending the commissioning of this hospital in Mioveni, I participated in a forum with Romanians abroad. We had to have on the Cabinet meeting’s agenda an emergency ordinance whereby we extend the deadline for the registration of Romanians abroad with the Electoral Register for postal voting. We could not achieve this. There are many objectives that cannot wait any longer. This blockage meant that everything we had on the daily agenda should be postponed for the next week and I think this is not a normal situation.

Reporter: Is it the article 85 of the Constitution advisory for you or not? The one urging you to go to Parliament following the change in the political composition of the Cabinet.

Viorica Dăncilă: I said and I repeat: we have 45 days since the president appoints the interim ministers. In these 45 days, we will choose the date when we go to Parliament.

Reporter: As regards Romania's nominations for European Commissioner position, there are reports that the two nominations, Mr. Nica and Mrs. Plumb, were rejected.

Viorica Dăncilă: I have not seen anything official. I saw the desire of some to have the commissioners rejected because, as I said before, for some, the political advantages are more important than the image of Romania. I want to tell you one thing: I was a member of the European Parliament and, regardless of who was nominated for European Commissioner - Mr Cioloş himself, when he became Commissioner for Agriculture, I was a member of the European Parliament's Committee on Agriculture, and I endorsed his candidacy because he was Romania’s nomination. I would like to see the same approach and the same responsibility from all.

Reporter: Madam Prime Minister, have you filed a criminal complaint? You said ...

Viorica Dăncilă: I have not yet filed a criminal complaint. We are working on it, I will file it for that statement that the 'Government is a corrupt one'. I believe that everyone, when stating a certain thing, must prove it. Thank you.

Reporter: Mr. Melescanu remains the PSD nomination for the office of Senate President?

Viorica Dăncilă: Yes.

Reporter: Do you still endorse him?

Viorica Dăncilă: Yes.

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