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Tuesday, 30 July

Statements by Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă at the headquarters of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă’s statements following the CSAT meeting


Viorica Dancila: Good afternoon. Today, I attended a meeting of CSAT(Supreme Council for National Defence), needed and awaited by the entire society during which reports of the institutions in charge of managing interventions in Caracal case were presented.

Following the CSAT meeting at the Cotroceni Palace, I had a meeting at the Ministry of Internal Affairs with the heads of the branches of this institution to request everybody’s involvement in the investigation of this tragedy and in the future actions designed to prevent such situations.

As you know, both the Head of STS and the Minister of Internal Affairs resigned. There have been dismissals in the chain of command in the system and, most likely, more will follow. I want it to be clear: these resignations do not replace the drastic punishment of those who, following the investigation, are found to have failed. I assure you that we will continue to take the strictest measures. We have both a moral and a legal obligation to severely punish all those who are found guilty.

I demand all decision-makers involved to investigate and treat with the utmost responsibility the actions that took place and to present as soon as possible the results of the investigation. I ask their engagement and close scrutiny not only in the investigation of this case but in all future actions.

I already sent to the President the nomination of Vice Prime Minister Mihai Fifor as interim Minister of Internal Affairs.

I would like to state that I will be personally involved in rendering efficient the way the state institutions deal with the citizens’ issues as it is more clear than ever that there are several dysfunctions with respect to managing the situations in which the rapid intervention of institutions is required.

The first task of Mr. Fifor will be to urgently ask verifications in all the country’s counties, of the way the police inspectorates are operating, the way the intervention procedures are being observed in emergency cases.

A thorough analysis of the professionalism of those involved in defending the citizens is also required. We will assume this objective too as we have this duty towards citizens and professionals in the Internal Affairs Ministry.

Romanians should further trust the Internal Affairs Ministry and we should take the required measures to boost its efficiency. I had a discussion as I said before, with Heads of Units and Directorates in the Internal Affairs Ministry. We discussed this tragic event, the required measures and also what we should do in the future, for such things to never happen again. We discussed restructuring, legislative amendments that are needed both for MAI and the STS [Special Telecommunications Service], changes in terms of legislation, which would punish these things more drastically.

The fight against corruption has been intensely promoted in the public space, which is the right thing, and it should continue, but the fight against crime, against drug and drug trafficking networks, against rapists and paedophiles, against criminals, against those who destabilize society in the meanest ways, should not be overlooked.

Romania is not a country of offenders, it is not the country of criminals; it is not the country of pimps and rapists. As a prime minister, I will not allow this label to stick to Romania, but I think we need to show consensus, we have to see what each of us can do to correct things. We will punish, as I said, those who are guilty. We know that we cannot, unfortunately, bring back what has already taken place. We are with Alexandra's family, Luiza's family; words cannot express what each of us feels, what each mother feels in Romania, but it is our duty, the duty of all those who can get involved, to take all measures so that these things will not happen again. We have a moral duty to punish the guilty, but we also have the responsibility to regulate things so that such events will no longer take place in Romania.

I said that I requested analysis to each county, an analysis to show the existing reality, because, if we don't know the reality, we certainly shall not be able to take the necessary measures, measures required by the society, measures to make sure that these things shall never occur in Romania again. I discussed with all those who can get involved.

I found here at the Ministry of Internal Affairs a greater availability, desire to get involved and regulate things and I believe that it is not opportune to put the blame on each other, this does not bring anything good, it only brings division in society, the results matter.

I believe that we need a pragmatic approach, an approach to bring added value, an approach to bring to the forefront the measures we take to regulate the things that don’t work well.

I have the entire availability to convene Parliament in an extraordinary session and to issue an emergency ordinance to correct these deficiencies in functioning, whether it is the MAI or other entities that need these regulations, and I think this should be everyone’s approach.

If we come out with political statements, we shall not solve the problems. The people are tired of these statements, we have to come out with concrete things and then, I believe that we will generate a wave of credibility in institutions, I think that this should be the path we have to follow.

I assured all the chiefs of service branches, all the directorates of the MAI, as I assure all those who want to get involved in the positive sense that they will have in the Romanian Prime Minister a partner in regulating all these things which made certain interventions or certain things that didn't work well in Romania impossible. At the same time, I want to assure you as I said from the very first day that I will follow every decision, every step that is made in the Caracal case, as it is important that this investigation is conducted as fast as possible.

We have the moral duty to bring the truth to the forefront, and I believe this is expected from us by the families in suffering and by the citizens who are waiting to see the authorities' next moves, our response to this tragedy.

Thank you.


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