Romanian Government

Thursday, 14 March

Speech by Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă at the ceremony introducing the F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft in the National Air Police Service under national command

Speech by Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă at the ceremony introducing the F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft in the National Air Police Service under national command, at the 86th Air Base "Lieutenant Aviator Gheorghe Mociornita" in southeastern Borcea, Calarasi County


Dear Minister,

Honourable Chief of Staff of the Air Force,

Dear members of the military staff,

Ladies and gentlemen,

It is an important day for the Romanian Air Force, which can operate as of today the best performing aircraft in defense of the national airspace, but also for Romania, that has managed to significantly strengthen its defence capabilities.

The modernisation of the Air Force has seen important results in recent years. The endowment with technologically advanced aircraft that have demonstrated their effectiveness in NATO and have allowed for a wide range of missions, contributes to the deterrence of any hostile intentions that may come from this geographical area.

The Government will provide all the necessary support for the continuation of this modernization process essential in order to strengthen our country's posture and to increase Romania's security profile.


Ladies and gentlemen,

We celebrate 15 years since joining the North Atlantic Alliance, and Romania proves once again that it responsibly assumes the position of a serious and reliable partner, a true pillar of stability in the Black Sea region.

As you know, I had a meeting with the NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in Brussels, in January. Our country’s contribution to strengthening common security, to strengthening NATO as strong and secure alliance, is recognized and very much appreciated. The professionalism and dedication of our military honor Romania and the flag under which they are fulfilling their missions.

As state holding the rotating Presidency of the EU Council, and as active member of European community and the North Atlantic Alliance, Romania extends special attention to the NATO – EU partnership. As regards the security dimension, the actions of the European community should be complementary to those of the Alliance, especially in the context of joint challenges.

I would like to underline both in Brussels and here, in front of you that Romania will continue to remain a trustworthy partner, firmly committed to strengthening the Transatlantic Alliance. We fulfilled and we will continue to fulfill all responsibilities falling to us as NATO partner.

We are actively participating in joint missions in the theaters of operations. We are already in the third year that we allocate 2 percent of GDP for defence, a level we are going to maintain. We will increase every year the allocations for national defence, and the strategic endowment programmes are at the core of this commitment, as we specified in the programme for government.

The Romanian Government’s vision in this field is that a large share of the investment in defence technology should return to national economy.

Romania has a major opportunity to ensure for itself through these high - tech investments, a role of regional hub in the European defence industry. The Government is backing through all legal levers these investments which, in addition to economic and security benefits, will capitalize on the expertise of our country in this field.

Dear members of the military staff,

The professionalism you have proven in fulfilling your missions substantially contributes to Romania’s credibility in front of strategic partners, and at the same time, it is why the Army remains one of the institutions that Romanians trust the most.

I congratulate you for your dedication and courage, I wish you and all who are working in the Military Aviation of Romania „clear sky” and successful missions!